TB Gold Test
Useful information about the TB Gold Blood Test

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What is a TB Gold Test?

A TB Gold Test is an alternative to the tuberculosis skin test, also known as a PPD. This test is a blood test that looks for prior exposure to tuberculosis by assessing markers in the blood. It is very useful for people who have previously tested positive for the skin test.

How does the TB Gold Test work?

The TB Gold Test is an FDA approved test that helps diagnose Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. This is done by checking for specific proteins present in the microbe that are not present in the BCG vaccine. As a result, this test is good for determining whether positive skin tests were actually true positives or false positives.

What's the procedure for getting a TB Gold Test?

The TB Gold Test is a blood test. Because it requires special incubation procedures, it can take as long as 1 week to complete sample processing.

What do TB Gold Test results look like?

TB Gold Test results will come back as positive (i.e. concern of exposure to TB) or negative (no prior exposure). Because there are special incubation protocols with the test, a control is usually documented as well to verify accuracy of that particular test.

What do I do if my TB Gold Test is positive?

If your TB Gold Test is positive, it is recommended that you get a chest x-ray to prove that you don't have an active form of tuberculosis.

Will my health insurance cover this test?

That depends on your health insurance. You would have to check with your plan administrator.

I don't have a doctor or lab order. How can I get one?

If you don't have a local place to get it, you can get to one site that we recommend by CLICKING HERE.

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